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Cooling Repair Service Tips

Check your circuit breaker
Should your unit not come on the first check that your breaker box has not tripped. When you have numerous appliances on at one time, such as lights, computers, washing machines etc, your breaker can trip, which means your air conditioner will not work. This is a quick check which will save you calling your local cooling repair service.

Check your thermostat
This is another component of your system which can cause you money and distress. When the unit uses batteries, first check these to see if they need replacing. Also, make sure you set the thermostat at a temperature below room temperature. And, make sure your unit is not switched off or set to just blow. Settings can often be accidentally changed.

Change the unit’s filters
Most air conditioner repairs can be avoided by simply changing the filter. When your filters are overly dirty or clogged, it can be the cause of numerous issues. Such as reduced air flow. With many cases, a blocked filter can cause your system to ice up. Filters must be checked on a regular basis.

Melt the ice
When your unit starts to ice up it does not cool correctly. Melting ice is an easy procedure. You simply switch off your system and leave the fan on to melt the ice fast. Or you can switch off your unit and leave the ice melt by itself.

Give your unit a thorough cleaning
Sometimes your system can be dirty. Instead of an actual repair, your unit may need cleaning. On the exterior unit, you should clean the fan blades and remove the debris from within your unit. You should also clean the condenser coils. However, be very careful doing this as the blade and fins can be easily broken or bent.

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